【AMV】No Game No Life – This Game by Konomi Suzuki


【AMV】No Game No Life – This Game by Konomi Suzuki

Music – This Game
Artist – Konomi Suzuki
Label/Distributor – KADOKAWA
OST – No Game No Life


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Be aware this channel is only for promotion purpose. All music belongs to the original creators.


Edited by Iris Mind
Encoded by Anonymous K from ACQ
Kara FX by Kitsuno

I apologize if there are any errors.

Thank you for watching ♥

@ Thailand 2019/05/05

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  1. ชอบมากครับ..no game no life. และ ได้เรียนรู้การออกเสียงภาษาญี่ปุ่นไปในตัวด้วย..

  2. I am looking for a mad fate that had Scáthach as a thumbnail with a Japanese rock song,, I think it was removed from YouTube,, were you the one who made it? Or at least know anything about it?


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