Aimware for L4D2


Aimware for L4D2

A *somewhat* longer vid of me using Aimware in L4D2, decided to make another L4D2 vid because of the new lag exploit feature added in Aimware (Which is mostly what this video shows off) and just me generally learning new fun stuff

Try to ignore the addons, namely the remodeling of some characters like cheeseburger commons and flood boomers, these are just so Aimware decides to bodyshot them since headshotting them is either too difficult or not necessary

Tag: hack l4d2, aimware, l4d2, left 4 dead 2, cheat, hack, cheats, hacks, blah, charger, lag exploit, remove conditions, sequence freezing, cheating, this, took, forever, to, edit, render, and, upload, hope, it, was

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    the only thing I agree on is you crashing those retard servers.
    Oh, and bewbew's bc she kicks/bans anyone who wins against her on her own stacked server.


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