CS 1.6 – console tricks


CS 1.6 – console tricks

In this video were any server plugins used.
These commands are available for you in offline game and on online servers if u got admin rights.

The crazy music: Rabbids Go Home Music – Bãtutã Din Moldova


For all commands below you need to activate “sv_cheats 1”.

– “impulse 101” 16.000$

– “impulse 201” entities + blood

– “impulse 202” blood only

– “sv_airaccelerate -100” While pressing the movements buttons WASD in mid air it will force you into the opposit direction you’ve pressed.

– “sv_gravity 100” Changes gravitation.

– “sv_stepsize 9999” Allows you to walk up every border, player, wall.

Note: If you got admin rights on the server you are playing at, then type “rcon” at the start of every command you submit.
But be sure you are logged in as admin. If you try to enter three times an rcon command while not beeing logged in as admin will lead to a serverbann.


Changing “cl_smoothtime” to higher values then the default value “0.5” will change the camera flight path speed while swapping between players in spectator mode.
This will allow you to track enemy players trough walls and reveal them to your teammates via voicechat.
I recommend using values from 2 to 4.

If you are alive you should play with “cl_smoothtime 0.5” again.
If u keep those higher values and someone starts hitting you with bullets you will notice weird movement characteristics.

So keep this in mind:

dead – cl_smoothtime 2 to 4
alive – cl_smoothtime 0.5


– the 16.000$ trick doesnt worked for you?
then reload the map and type “rcon sv_cheats 1” and “impulse 101” again.


With these binds you can switch fast between stepsize values and let your teammates know:

bind “KP_MINUS” “say_team OFF!; rcon sv_stepsize 18”;
bind “KP_PLUS” “say_team ON!; rcon sv_stepsize 999”;

Swap with these binds easy between cl_smoothtime values:

bind “F8” “cl_smoothtime 3”;
bind “F9” “cl_smoothtime 0.5”;


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