Game of Thrones – Sam and Jon Snow meet Gilly


Game of Thrones – Sam and Jon Snow meet Gilly

game of thrones (season 2, episode 2)

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  1. stop calling jin eomma he has more balls than y'all · Edit

    I know Gilly is not a bad guy in this show but god I can't stand her.
    Sam did everything he could to protect her and her son. He walked with her in the cold for her. He almost got killed by a white walker, whom he killed afterwards.
    And how does she repay him? what does she do?
    Never a single thank you.
    Never a single smile.
    Always assuming he's making fun of her.
    Like ok, she grew up with a monster and she's a wilding girl, but she could at least show some gratefulness to the adorable cinnamon roll who saved her and her son's life. She's the one who said all she wanted was to protect her baby.


    Ps: i didn't watch the entire show, so if it ever turns out that she has become less of an ungrateful girl, I will edit my comment. Hope she eventually becomes nice to Sam.

  2. I love how Ghost 'asks nicely' for the rabbit, and wanders off like "Meh…" when Sam confronts him! XD Seems like he meant no real harm. Good thing, too, because he could have had the rabbit AND the girl if he really wanted to!

  3. My second favorite GoT couple! LOVE the pure adoration and love Sam has for Gilly. From the moment he met her, he loved her. And her baby. Gilly grew to love Sam, which just shows what kind of person he is.

  4. GRRM downplays the effects of incest a lot in the story, since inbreeding such as with the Targaryens and in Krasters keep would result in horrible deformities, genetic diseases, and more. Dang and Gilly should look more like Quasimodo or ET than what they look like in the books or movies

  5. In this scene Sam sees what is right to do, what is moral, (help the helpless girl) but Jon sees what needs to be done for the safety of their group, and this is also some kind of moral act. To see beyond one person need. Sam behaves moraly, idealisticaly, Ethicaly he is like maximalist not minimalist. In the terms of justice, or justice moderated by pity. But Jon behaves like a leader thinking of the safety of the whole group and thus seeking only the minimum of justice, and reasonable plan not seeking the maximum of compassion and pity. Both of them are in this scene the moral counterparts and also both of them got some ethical right.

  6. “I can’t steal her. She’s a person, not a goat.” This line made Sam worthy of not just Gilly, but his adopted son named after him, his family sword, everything. He was willing to do anything for Gilly, from the first moment she asked for help, including try to deliver her baby while on the run from wildlings and white walkers alike. Samwell Tarly has never been reading about the achievements of better men, as his father believes. Sam is one of the best heroes of Westeros, in my opinion.

  7. Edd: We're havin' a serious discussion.

    About farts.

    This whole scene is just perfect. The obvious heroes in this series are great, but Samwell and Gilly are a nice contrast…and they are an adorable couple.


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