Game Shop – Faux Nerd Girl (Feat. Bar Paly) – Game Shop: Ep.1


Game Shop – Faux Nerd Girl (Feat. Bar Paly) – Game Shop: Ep.1


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Bar Paly guest stars in the debut episode of START’s new comedy series! Ever question the legitimacy of an attractive “nerd”? This one’s for you.

Terry, Chloe, Derrick, and Igor are wage slaves for Game Shop, an average game store owned by the egomaniacal Sebastian. Sometimes funny things happen when you stand around video games you’re not supposed to play for 8 hours a day. New episodes every Wednesday!

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Derrick — Colton Dunn
Igor — Barak Hardley
Chloe — Brea Grant
Terry — Jordan Morris
Sebastian — Andrew Secunda
Faux-Nerd — Bar Paly

Director: Andrew Secunda
Writer: Andrew Secunda
Producer: Corey Moss, Tiffany Moore
Executive producers: Grant Thompson, Bernard Ho, Andrew Secunda, Peter Principato, Paul Young, Fran Mirabella III, Nick Scarpino
Assistant Director and Set Production Manager : Amy Laslett
Editor: C. Drew Unser
Assistant Editor: Monet Malek
Composer: Tony Bohnenkamp
Director of Photography: Topher Osborn
1st AC: Lowell Meyer
2nd AC: Justin Liang
Camera Operator: Judy Phu
Script Supervisor: Bruce Resnik
DIT: Shauna Brown
Gaffer: Kyle Warmack, Chris Bauer
Best Boy Electric: Chuck Lewis, Flavio Buenrostro
Key Grip: Matt Verschelde
Production Designer: Stephanie Gordon
Set Dresser: Danny McAlpine
Props: Adam Drosin
Wardrobe: Heather Karasek
Makeup : Keliegh Lippert-Palladino
Sound Mixer : Ben Templin
Boom: Sabi Tulok
Production Coordinator: Laura Dziamba
Production Manager : Michael Rainey
Production Assistants: Karla Lopez –Mora, Justin Kashtan, Steve Ellis, Tyler Ball

Special Thanks to: Game Fix, Brent Sherman, Jorge Almeida, L&L Hawaiian BBQ

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  1. 5:50 this says george lucas accepts the comics and action figures as canon. But this was made in 2012 the year he sold star wars to disney. Was this before or after that? ( never mind that I just checked and it wasn't until a few days later after this video was posted that George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney)

  2. I mean, this shit is how we OG female gamer girls actually feel, but you can't say shit like this to Twitch Thot's these days. Oh how time has passed. Man, it use to be that atleast if you were another girl you could still say fuck off to fake ass "gamer gurlz" but once feminist made that whole ''internalized misogyny'' thing, they finally found a way to shut even us down.

    Damn. Rip real gamer girls.

  3. This is so fucking stupid. I have a friend who is absolutely stunning. Like, she models and acts in low budget films and short films; we're talking about a really beautiful woman. I adore her. We've been friends since we were 14, which means we've been friends for 15 years. She dresses like the "faux nerd" and is constantly questioned because she's so lovely. Try quizzing that girl on anything Naruto or Harry Potter and she's going to throw you under the table with her knowledge.

    If some girl came up to her and tried to pull the shit that that bleached blonde did, I'd punch her in the face. There is room enough for everyone. Grow the fuck up. If you're that insecure in your own fandom and self then the problem is you.

  4. ProfessorLaytonOfficial Channel · Edit

    Here is a message from a geeky girl.
    1) A girl can absolutely be a nerd/geek or whatever.
    2) Of course, there are fake nerds, but they can also be dudes.
    3) Don't fucking discriminate people who just recently joined a fandom by calling them fake, girls or boys. Everyone passed through that phase, some of us before, others later.
    My gosh. I personally am extrovert, a physics fanatic, an otaku ( even if I don't like that therm ) and a Marvel obsessed ( comics and movies ). All of this since I was, like, 5 years old. And I'm a girl. When I grew up I was, like, excluded by girls in my school because I was a geek, and excluded by geeks because I was a girl.
    Later I convinced them and now I actually have only male friends.
    Sorry if I made any typos, I'm italian.

  5. Im crying. I was in my 9th Grade when this series came out i remember waiting for each episode to come out like every week and I would watch it.. I'm in my 2nd year of college now. man how time flies

  6. Okay so some good looking woman has nothing better to do then to walk into a tiny store and pretend to in interested in something she isn't interested in, just so she can gain the affection of the two or three straight male who happen to be their. this whole fake geek girl thing does not even make sense. it's not like those guys are gong to have a lot of disposable income and what they do have will be spent on Vidoe games and stuff. their is no way for her to profit from this financially.


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