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Tag: maplestory 2 gameplay, AR-MS2, AR-MS2PVE, Maplestory 2, Global, MS2, Nexon, Series, PvE, Gameplay

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  1. Alexa says:

    the fck is this its like a minecraft rip off

  2. Alexa says:

    the fck is this its like a minecraft rip off

  3. blueshue 1989 says:

    hm cool for people that like this maplestory.. but honestly the atmosphere and visual aspects of the first one is what i call maplestory…. this thing looks like world of Warcraft with a weird mod.

  4. Ren Amamiya says:

    I know this was made few weeks ago but the game is awesome with controllers (PS4/Xbox) than a mouse and keyboard..

  5. Batoul Odeh says:

    you sound like dunkey

  6. Jack Lychee says:

    You must've never seen No Game no life if you don't know what that song is from.

  7. Ferdinand Nathaniel says:

    i heard No game no life opening <3

  8. T Two Languages says:

    5:56 Shitty music?!
    Sir this is the No Game No Life OP show respect! xD

  9. TiMeSpLiT- -TeR says:

    I forgot I got a pc. Downloading this now. Lol

  10. Ryukarin says:

    I heard No game No life opening i liked the video!

  11. Neko Neko says:

    hahaha cute too cute

  12. Hexaclover says:

    Hey i was wondering if I could use your footage for one of my videos? I will totally credit you in it

  13. S Burr says:

    It's a shame Asia is really the only ones still making MMORPGs in number, because most of them are weeb cringe-fests like this.

  14. rihardo123 says:

    5:50 why so mad bro? he just played Kara Main Theme from Detroit: Become Human.

  15. Kweh says:

    ehh friends play this but idk why but i feel the gameplay is trash 8D

  16. tomcio malina says:

    Way to change controls? I hate arrows

  17. sonicboy says:

    Im mad that at 5:19 the music changes to the theme song from no game,no life

  18. Gentik says:

    wow this looks like mega dog shit

  19. TheCR1MES says:

    Those events happen at xx:05 and xx:35 and since you get exp and money for them those are really nice to do.
    You want a real knight outfit? Well… You can even make your own! In the UCI-shop (ugi means User generated item) and you can also put it into the shop so people buy it! The cool thing about this is that you get about 70% of the merets(real money currency) of the price people paid for your stuff

  20. ThePigKnight says:

    If you cheat and study those answers your high school owes MS2 some money.

  21. MysticFate says:

    Would you recommend this game for anyone that really enjoyed Maplestory? the game seems vastly different (being 3D) and without any experience with it myself i just looking at it turns me off of it… Maplestory should never go 3D imo and the game looks a lot more childish and like a kids game now that it's 3D

  22. ultimaT says:

    lol I can't tell if it is actually good or not from this.

  23. World Wide Adorable says:

    Btw making 2 knights isn't a bad idea if u really like the class, because they're going to be different job paths in the future for each class.

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