Mercedes G-Class (2020) The World's Best Off-Road SUV?

Mercedes G-Class (2020) The World's Best Off-Road SUV?

Watch now the G-Class Experience Center, where customers from all over the world can test the impressive skills of the off-road icon in extreme terrain not far from the Mercedes-Benz G-Class production site in Graz, Austria.

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  1. Dimi Domo says:

    Impressive, appealing and $$$$$, especially that red beast. I likes that 'pig' a lot.

  2. Fz Fz says:

    MG.SUV HY TOR 2020

  3. vitormmmonteiro says:

    G-wagon is a all-in-1 and is the best off-road with luxury! G-wagon is a tank!

  4. mongo mongo says:

    It always has been, nothing new about that.

  5. ne sen sor ne ben söyliyim says:

    how the fuck it is % 100 ???? more like 70

  6. LWRC says:

    There isn't anything here a Wrangler Rubicon can't do and the Jeep has locking axles on both ends with front sway bar disconnect. An absolute waste of money which is good for folks who want to pretend they're off roaders.

  7. навруза навруза says:

    ммм ййююб. 6 u

  8. Sejdi Mitrovica says:

    Mercedes King

  9. Gurcan Demir says:

    number one…

  10. Matiix says:

    No music no talking no adsmp bs. Just perfect video.

  11. killickfarms says:

    I think I’d buy a unimog instead.

  12. InstegramSHQIP says:

    Thats a diesel one ☝🏼

  13. games wap says:

    Where the sand ? We want see this in sand

  14. Rovin P says:

    These over priced Luxury Utility vehicles do not get muddy in the real world. They are usually parked at the malls or at the owners home.

  15. Khawaja Atif says:

    Enjoy this off-road g class Mercedes perfect performance well-done , bravely face off-road

  16. Vishal Choudhary says:

    Bolero bhi kr skti h y sub lg bhg spesl kya b eis me

  17. Paweł Krasicki says:

    it isn't SUV, it's OFF-ROAD CAR

  18. Ben M says:

    The only bad thing about this car is the ugly price tag

  19. სოსო ოქროპილაშვილი says:

    magari manqana

  20. mikeel khan says:

    Land cruiser the car never dies… nice try mercedes 😂😂😂😂

  21. cinema production says:


  22. Hadi Soleimani says:

    فقط اونجاش که از وسط آب میره 🙂

  23. Ray the Rover says:

    i fell asleep to this

  24. Jesse C Caparrella says:

    If i was to buy one of these bad boys, you can bet your ass I am going to put it through it paces….my brother bought a land rover and made sure it could do as advertised. Had a problem getting the river mud cleaned out! Lol.

  25. Ali Alrashidi says:

    Ok I have a question: I do have a g wagon. I plan on using it off road. I am shopping for mud tires. From what I see here , the tire in the video looks like all season tire. Not mud, not all terrain. Am I missing something? Do I have to buy mud or all terrain tires to go off-road Or is all season tires good enoght?

  26. Prabha Billaa2 says:

    Would best off-road SUV Range rover, spot

  27. Thangal's Vlog says:

    Super 👌🏻👍🏻😍🤩

  28. THA LRGPROFESSOR! - says:


  29. iajaz__ iz says:

    Adveturers like this 😍🎉💯

  30. Prince Gawai says:

    This off-road track is especially made for and suitable for mercedes

  31. Hakim Kanit says:

    My dreme car

  32. Gabriel Martinez says:

    Mercedes should open that track up to some off road clubs not companies per say just average Joe's who off road and I bet every rig they bring will make it up.

  33. Gabriel Martinez says:

    None of this shows real extreme off road conditions any 4×4 suv/truck with a rear locker let alone a front and center locker hell even some AWD rigs can do all that.

  34. Jack Dalson says:

    Land cruiser is the best off-road one

  35. Noel says:

    Most of the video you just drove on places built for that car to drive on

  36. Georg Pollman says:

    Jeep is the best

  37. Oluwatoyin Salau Oluwatoyin Salau says:


  38. R H says:

    Small fuel tank along with poor mileage makes me not want to be filling this thing every four to five days whatever the price of gas. The fact that the aerodynamics are comparable to a brick doesn't help either. Now if I was traveling across a desert, which this car could easily handle, I'd have to carry a lot of cans of gas inside because I wouldn't want to spoil the amazing exterior. This vehicle simply amounts to mine is bigger than yours mentality.


    defender is tha word number suv

  40. Dieter Soegemeier says:

    The last Die Hard movie dwas a better add for this car.

  41. Dieter Soegemeier says:

    Comon guys my 59 landrover will do most of this in 2 wheel drive

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